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Solutions in Aerospace and Remote Sensing–

Photek ground based satellite tracking sensors delivered to
NASA have been able to measure the distance to the moon with an accuracy of 3 mm.

The IPD System (Imaging Photon Detector) is a highly sensitive two
dimensional camera capable of detecting single photons. The detector is
available in 25 mm and 40 mm active diameters with a choice of fused silica, or fibre optic input windows.


  • Single Photon Counting
  • High Spatial Resolution (60µm FWHM)
  • High Speed Preamplifiers
  • Time resolution to 250 ps is available
  • Choice of Photocathode i.e. Solar Blind, Bialkali, S20
  • 25 mm and 40 mm versions


  • Tracking and Position Sensing
  • Speckle Interferometer
  • Missile early warning detector
  • Time resolved fluorescence imaging
  • Time resolved spectroscopy

Standard Product

The IPD4XX camera is part of our standard product range and is available in several configurations. To talk further about this product or a custom design for your application, please contact us.

IPD4XX high sensitivity imaging photon detector camera system