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About Us

Biophotek is an Australian company specialising in x-ray, ultra-violet, visible and infrared imaging and detection systems and components for medical, research, aerospace, military, remote sensing and OEM manufacturing applications.

We are distributors of large diameter (up to 150 mm) image intensifiers, fast micro channel plate photomultiplier tubes, gated night vision cameras, ultra high speed streak camera tubes, and single photon counting systems.
Biophotek also is a source for microelectronic high voltage power supplies for night vision applications.

Biophotek's close relationships with its manufacturing partner, Photek UK, combined with our technical expertise and commitment to customer service, enables us to tailor solutions to suit a broad range of application and provide comprehensive and professional technical support.

Dr MeTe Madakbas is the Chairman of Biophotek Pty Ltd. He is the founder of several successful high-tech companies including "Hi-Light Opto Electronics BV“ (microelectronic power sources for night vision applications),
Netherlands 1985, "Photek Ltd" (design and manufacture of intensified sensor devices and systems), UK 1991, "Medoptics Corp" (image guided biopsy CCD systems),USA 1994 and "Bioptics Inc" (digital mammography cassette cameras and specimen radiographic systems), USA 2001. He has specialised in designing vacuum sensors and semiconductor CMOS optical detectors. During his earlier academic career he designed radiation detection equipment for
spectroscopy applications.